Friday, February 26, 2010

Hair highlighting at Fantastic Sams or Supercuts?

Anyone ever had their hair highlighted at any of these places? I usually go to expensive salons, but dont they have the same training? Wouldnt they be just as good? I need highlights but dont want to pay the high prices anymoreHair highlighting at Fantastic Sams or Supercuts?
I went to supercuts and they came out just as good as if I went to a high end salon. And I only paid like 30 bucks for the whole thing.Hair highlighting at Fantastic Sams or Supercuts?
I used Fantastic Sams for awhile because my hair dresser was there. She was there because her mom managed it. Her mom has her own salon again and I now go there.

I think you can find a quality hair dresser anywhere you just need to get rec from freinds.
I have tried both Fantastic Sams and Supercuts. I just had my hair done a few days ago at Mastercuts. It is the best job I ever had. I imagine it just depends on the stylist. Well I have found a good one this time and plan to stay with her
um...any salon called fantastic sams or supercuts sounds really unproffesional

the only reason things are more expensive most of the time is because its better quality
fantastic sams. I've never done it there, but supercuts always messes up my hair and fantastic sams doesn't
they are good

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