Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm looking to get my hair cut and dyed today. I've been thinking about going to Supercuts but I don't really know how much they charge. Does anyone have any ideas?

I live in the Los Angeles [90047] area and if there are any other salons I could go to I'd be happy to hear some suggestions. Keep in mind I really don't want to go to places where they charge $200. D:Supercuts?
supercuts is great!!!! i have been a hairdresser for 8 and a half years... i worked in a full service salon---you know the cuts that cost 60 dollars ya, i worked in a salon like that for 2 years and then proceeded my work to supercuts and a manager of supercuts in MA for about 7 years now.. some people will tell you supercuts isnt up with trends and stuff....thats a bunch of crap..supercuts has a lot to offer...ok

supercuts has an al acarte menu your cut should be about $15 and the color ranges from $40 to $60 the highlites range anyware from $30 to $105.. consult with the stylist there have fun and good luck!!!Supercuts?
I think they are reasonable and do a fine job. any place is guaranteed. I would call Supercuts to see what their prices are.

Not everyone can afford $200 haircuts.

Personally, I go to the local beauty college and I have never had a problem, because all the work is check over by a teacher before and after the procedure.
They'll be a lot cheaper than the other places but you'll get what you pay for.

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