Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is supercuts a good place to get sidebangs?

well i got it at supercuts a while ago, but the lady was stupid enough to give them to me when she knew that i have curly hair so the bangs looked terrible becuase i don't have time to straighten and manage them. make sure you're hair is fit for sidebangs. other than that-go for it!Is supercuts a good place to get sidebangs?
Supercuts is ok as long as you explain to them what you want and you make sure their doing it right as they cut .Is supercuts a good place to get sidebangs?
idk about supercuts, never heard of them.. but they seem like one of those ';chain'; places... ex. fantastic sams, some of them are good, but i know that at ';chain'; haircut salons, there is always someone who hurts or doesn't know what they're doing, and you always end up getting them ^^

It's a good cheap place to get a haircut if you have curly hair bec. you cant see the unevenness. they cut your hair uneven. try finding a better place.

Good luck!
umm well i asked for the stylist to give me some sidebangs and then she gave me those bangs thats just across the forehead =( but it greww backk lol

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