Friday, February 26, 2010

Should I get a haircut at Supercuts? why or why not?

I have very long hair that I want to get cut to shoulder length and maybe one layer near the jawline. My mother used to always cut my hair, so I am unsure of where I should go to get a quality, simple, low-maintenance hair-cut.Should I get a haircut at Supercuts? why or why not?
I went to Supercuts a while ago to change my long hair to a cuter, shorter style. It turned out great. The only problem is (and the reason I've never gone back) is that the chance you'll end up being satisfied is very low, because most of their employees aren't experienced, and could even be giving you one of their first haircuts. For a drastic change like you're doing, try a salon. It doesn't have to be some froo-froo place, but I get mine done at J.J. Cunningham. I walk out smiling, pleased, full of tips and tricks for my new hairstyle, and only 20 bucks have left my pocket. Remember also that if you need styling help, or new products, Supercuts won't offer you any advice. A salon will give you the full package.Should I get a haircut at Supercuts? why or why not?
i think a good place is arizona hair. they do a really good job and take their time. supercuts wants to get you in and out as fast as they can
It's risky. Some of the hairdressers can be ok but you never know who you are going to get. I had a very bad experience there so I won't go again. I went for a trim of my long hair. My haridresser kept chatting the whole time with a mother and son who were her last customers. She was so goo-goo about that little kid that she did not listen to a word I said to her. I had to shout - I just want a TRIM, a 1'; trim!!!! Well, the next thing I see is a 5 inch portion of my hair hitting the ground. I left the salon with a dopey ear-length haircut. The stupid salon owner even said to me ';Oh, you got a whole new look today';. I wiped my tears away and glared at her. You get what you pay for!
Well i go there every once in a while when i dont have alot of time on my hands. I dont like it because its quick and shabby but its good if u dont have time. If u have time i suggest looking for a nicer higher quality place. The one i go to is only in Indiana.
Well I use a friend or my mom to do my hair cause I've had it cut shorter then I've asked before.

Just watch every move they make.....

I tell you one place that will NEVER cut too much hair off. The barber shop! lol

If you live in a small town or know of one that isn't always busy they will cut less then you ask. That's good for a trim tho.

I think supercuts would be fine for what your wanting done to your hair. Just make it clear. Don't cut my hair pass this point!
supercuts can be hit or miss regarding the quality of the cut. the stylists often are not very experienced, or very good. But they are cheap.
GO for it! Hey if it scr*ws up, it'll grow back! LOL.
You may find it worth the extra $50-$60 to go to a professional the first time. After that Supercuts is great for maintenance haircuts
no dont go to supercuts. Go to a privately owned place. Maybe you can ask friends or family for references. Stay away froms supercuts. it's cheap and chinsey
when they are interviewed here they are told they have to be able to do 14 cuts in an hour...your call.
I get mine cut at supercuts sometimes. So long as you arent asking for anything complicated, it should be fine. By the way, how much are you cutting off? If you are cutting off more than about 10 inches, have you thought of donating? There are great charites out there that take donated hair and make wigs out of it for children with cancer.

Check out and to see the spefics about donating.
my friend went there 1 time she said she asked for a 2 inch trim she came to school with her hair up to her ears crying i felt so bad for her the lady was not even paying attention to her hair thats why my friend is scared to get a haircut now her hair is still kinda short but its growing back trust me never go there
My friend has board straight hair...all she went in for was a trim...and they f*ed it up...I mean what kind of hairstylist messes up on a person with straight hair? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO...Any more questions ???

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