Friday, February 26, 2010

Is it okay to go to supercuts?

all i want is a trim. like one or two inches TOPS.

and my bangs like 1/2 an inch.

i don't want a haircut.

and i dont want to spend a ton of money for a little trim.

do you think supercuts could mess up a trim?

should i go to a salon instead even though im short on money?Is it okay to go to supercuts?
Depends on where you live

I asked for 1 inch trim and they cut off like 3 inches.

( It was right near my under arms at first then it got cut up to my shoulder )

Some super cuts don't know what their doing.

And it also depends on the hair dresser.

i say try another salon just in case.

and my bangs were fine but i had to fix it since it was un-evenIs it okay to go to supercuts?


once i went to super cuts for just a trim...

and they cut it all wrong!!!

instead of just straight across, they tried to cut my hair diagonal...

and they messed up on one side... so they cut it shorter...

it was a nightmare

it seems like they would hire anybody to cut hair

and i suspect you dnt want your precious hair cut wrong!!!
you could try to go there. My dad gets his hair done there and it's fine, but my sister went for a trim and had to have my mom fix it when she got home cuz they screwed it up so bad. I wouldn't risk it if I was you.
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