Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Has anyone had highlights done in supercuts?

I have mid length hair and has been dyed,is it ok to get highlights also does anyone no how much it would cost in supercuts roughly? I normally go to the lakeside supercuts??Has anyone had highlights done in supercuts?
I got highlights in my hair for school and it cost my mom about $40 hope I helped.Has anyone had highlights done in supercuts?
Supercuts is ok if you want cheap and nasty - there are a few good people in there - like in one I went to there was this Jamaican woman who was seriously brilliant with hair!

Unfortunately she left to go work in an afro-salon somewhere else so never saw her again.

If you want highlights then it might be worth going somewhere with a bit more insurance if things go wrong - supercuts are notorious for not caring about bad feedback.

No idea how much it costs - ive seen hghlights go wrong and i never ever take chances with dying my hair - especially if it involves bleach and it burns your hair and then you have to wait til it heals before you can fix it.

I always found that home stylists are best for highlights - specially the smaller ones.

If a hair stylist has more to lose then they try harder not to lose it =]

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