Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How much does a haircut cost at Supercuts ?

Cost me $12.50 for a trim (adult male).

Probably is best to call them, though.How much does a haircut cost at Supercuts ?
DO NOT GO TO SUPERCUTS. NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT GO THERE!!!!! unless ur willing to have them cut off 4 inches when u said 1 and to totaly f*ck ur hair up DO NOT GO THERE!! if u hae a very simple haircut where your hair is all one length, go ahead, just be EXTREMELY specific about how much u want them to trim off. but if ur hairstyle is a little more complicated with layers and stuff GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. 2-3 months ago they completely screwed up my hair. i was crying for DAYS it looked so bad. i never like my hair when i go there and they even screwed up my 2 best friends hair. they ct off 5 inches from one of them when she said 3 and they cut my other friends bangs an inch above her bangs and made the rest of her hair like an oompa loompas.

BTW, its about $10-15 depending on your age.How much does a haircut cost at Supercuts ?
why not call them? That way you can explain exactly what you're looking for and there will be no surprises
like $10. toooo cheap and sh*tty haircuts. these are noobs straight outta beauty school.
about any where from $30-$50

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