Monday, February 22, 2010

How much should someone tip at Supercuts?

I usually go to Supercuts to get my hair cut/trimmed. This costs $13.95, but I never know how much I should tip. I know that at nice salons, people tend to tip high (15-30%), but I wasn't sure if this applied to the more budget-friendly Supercuts. The haircutters usually do a good job, and I tend to always go back to the same location. So, how much should I tip? Thanks!How much should someone tip at Supercuts?
Tip 20%How much should someone tip at Supercuts?
It depends, for example

Did they take too long to give you a seat?

Was the haircutter nice?

How was the haircutters job?

Did the haircutter poke you with the scissor?

Personally if its a real good service I would give $4-5

If it was mediocre $3

Dont give them .50c thats really offensive, you either give them a tip or you dont.
nothing! they really suck!
i usually do 20% for hair cuttery places
2 dollars hair dresser.

1 dollar hair washer. Unless it's the same, then 2.
Here's a ';tip'; for you on tipping: The best thing to do no matter where you are is take the 1st number of what id due %26amp; double it. For example: $13.95, the first # is ';1';, so the usual tip is $2...which is actually the appropriate amount. This works at restaurants as well. However, if I were you %26amp; since you keep going back I would give them $4.
I always pay with a $20 and tell them to keep the change.
7% - give them 15.00 and have them keep the change - its Supercuts
The traditional tip for hair stylists is 15%, unless the person cutting your hair is the owner. Then you're not supposed to tip.

I do anyway. Tip what you'd like to receive if you were on the other end of the scissors.

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