Monday, February 22, 2010

How can i find out the prices for supercuts?

I want to get my hair washed, trimmed, colored and then highlights, Does anyone know where i can get the prices??How can i find out the prices for supercuts?
Hop on to their site and type in your zip code for a list of the closest salons in your area (it even provides a map):

I've recently got a haircut with them (my 1st %26amp; only time, it's too far away from me). Here in Colorado, their price for adult haircut is $13.95 and shampoo is about $2-$3 more. I didn't see ';trimming'; on their price board. As for coloring, it depends on your hair length (that's the general policy at all salons). They start out at $40 (well, $39.95 to be exact).

These prices are all comparable to Cost Cutters, where I usually go for a specific stylist (and it's much closer to me). Given that Supercuts' $40-start-out-price is the same as Cost Cutters, based on my coloring experiences with long hair, it has been $80-$90 (mine has varied from past-shoulder to mid-back length). So I'm sure Supercuts is in the same range as well. As for highlights, I don't know how much extra that will be, as I've never gotten highlights done before.How can i find out the prices for supercuts?
try googling supercuts or supercuts prices
call them...
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