Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How much is a cut and wash at Supercuts?

I've never seen anybody come out of there with a decent haircut.How much is a cut and wash at Supercuts?
A cut and a wash from Supercuts will cost you right around $25 dollars.. depending on the length of your hair..

-shoulder length should be around $25

longer? $30-35

shorter? $20

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=) hope this helped you out!How much is a cut and wash at Supercuts?
at custom cuts it's around 10 dollars and goes up to 20 dollars if u get waxed eyebrows or like a shampoo and conditioner wash I saw the poster things with all prices on it when I was waitind for a hair cut
Depending on how long your hair is, it will cost anywhere from $15-$40 (the longer your hair, the more they will charge).
A Supercut II costs between $15 -$18 depending on the salon.
i think its 拢10-拢15.00

but it isnt worth it as they have been known to mess up hair pretty bad!!
Go to super and look they have the proces up or just call and ask
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