Monday, February 22, 2010

How much should I tip a stylist at SuperCuts?

I have hair about 1/3 of the way down my back and want it cut to shoulder-length. Assuming the stylist does a good job, how much should the tip be?How much should I tip a stylist at SuperCuts?
First of all, if you're cutting that much off, have you thought of donating it to one of those charities that make wigs for cancer patients? If it's a significant amount, you should think about that before you go.

Second, I personally tip 20%, but then again, my girlfriend from high school has been doing my hair since then (a very long time). If they do a good job, and you're happy with it, I'd say go with the 20%. Tip less if you're not totally in love with it or if it's not quite what you tried to explain. Best bet is to go in with a picture of someone with the hairstyle you want, so there's no question of what you want.

Good luck!How much should I tip a stylist at SuperCuts?
For me I usually give $3 for a tip just for a hair cut but it really depends on how u feel about it..wether u are satisfied the results or not..or just whatever u feel specially she did a good job ..if u like give her $5 that is good enough.
I would say tip the same amount as you would your waiter or waitress in a restaurant...15%
I once got a twenty dollar tip from a customer at Supercuts.

It depends on you and if you like the service you received and if the person took the time to do what you requested.

If the person does a great job and you REALLY like it when it's done, I would give a tip at the very least the price it cost you paid for the cut.

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