Monday, February 22, 2010

Why are the ladies at supercuts such bitches?

Honestly, it doesnt matter which one I go to, they never seem to care and always do a horrible job cutting my hair. Is it in their policy to not give a F**K? I'm a guy and it really doesnt take much to cut my hair maybe ten minutes...the least they could do is a good job, and i tip pretty well...Does anyone else have this problem, and any suggestions as to where i should go instead to get my hair cut?Why are the ladies at supercuts such bitches?
The stylists at Supercuts are generally straight out if school with very little experience or people skills %26amp; If you do happen to get a good stylist there....she wont be there for long.

If you want a good cut %26amp; dont want to pay to go to a higher end salon, try a barber shop. Most of the barbers I've met are very experienced and have been doing mens hair for years. Just be warned, most barbers don't do shampoos/scalp massages %26amp; those type of things. But if its just a good inexpensive haircut you are after...that's probably your best bet.Why are the ladies at supercuts such bitches?
OK here's the deal. Supercuts and all the chain stores with a few exceptions are owned by Regis Corp. The stylists there make an hourly raise with opportunities to make more based on sales. So the more hair they cut the better they get paid. Usually they start out about 8.00 an hour. So they get paid regardless of whether they are nice or do a particularly good job. They usually hire people just out of school so they haven't had time to build people skills and in general it is pretty miserable to have to work for them so they tend to get bitchy. Your better bet is to find a salon that is individually owned . You will normally pay less and be treated better.
they just suck. they get paid crappy, and are on their feet all day. Not saying thats an excuse, but women that work at supercuts just don't care. I can't stand em, i worked for Great Clips for about 2.5 years and we always had people come to us from Supercuts because we were so much friendlier. If you keep going though, you can't complain. Find some place else. It might charge more but you'll get better service.
probably because they work at supercuts idk my cousins gf works there and she is extremely bitchy allll the time maybe they like brain wash the ppl that work there or something idk
call the main office or go some where else.

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