Monday, February 22, 2010

Is supercuts a good place to get a haircut?

I just want to thin and layers my hair and trim some areas. I'm afraid they won't listen and end up messing up my hair that I've been waiting so long to grow out. Usually when I get my hair cut at a place that isn't AS professional, they never really listen and end up cutting my hair a bit too short or just don't listen.Is supercuts a good place to get a haircut?
no i would never get my hair cut at supercuts. all of the people who work there are like fresh out of haircutters school and really are not that good. I always see people walking out of supercuts with an awful uneven looking back to their head where they attempted to blend the part that they did with clippers to the part they cut with scissors. They also try to rush you through, with the concept of giving a fast haircut so they can make as much money as possible cutting a ton of peoples' hair. Anyone who says supercuts is good probably has never known a good haircut. bad quality, rushed cut, inexperienced ppl.Is supercuts a good place to get a haircut?
I think it depends on the hairstylist. I know a coworker that goes there and she is happy with their service. I don't like it. Mastercuts charges a little more about $15.95 for a haircut but I have never had a problem with them. Or you might want to try Great Clips for Hair.My husband goes there and they do a good job.
Well, the supe rcuts around where I live is actually rather professionall. The guy who usually does my hair is a manager who has self-trained all the workers at that particular branch, so I have nothing to complain about.
DONT GO TO SUPER CUTS my cussin went the and she HAD

beautiful long hair but they chopped it all when she wanted layers !

go to a nice fancy place dont take the chance !
no there terrible. they have no idea what there doing there and you have to wait hours to get your hair done.
no, hun it's not a very good place

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