Monday, February 22, 2010

Is supercuts okay for just a trim and layers?

I have heard some pretty lame stuff about supercuts?Is supercuts okay for just a trim and layers?
ok two for the guy with the comment about why should i pay them 15 to trim my hair. I don't work at supercuts or whatever I work at a real salon. I charge more than 15 for a mens trim but my point would be this.. umm trying to be nice here I paid a lot for my education and I have trained and spent a lot of time learning things to be better at my craft. so that is why you pay for it. But that being said I would never charge 15.00 for a haircut even for a man I am worth more. So that really kind of answers the main question no dont go to super cuts. you need a wash and a cut and a real dry and even after the dry some more cutting. It will be what you are dreaming of from a real salon. there is such a difference. they take the time to do your hair.. Did you know those poor people that work there are timed? yes it is all about how fast they can get you out that door. Go to a real salon. Just go up to someone with good hair and ask her where she goes. If she raves about it then you know it is good. Plus who doesn't want to be stopped and told ';wow I love your hair'; ? no one lolIs supercuts okay for just a trim and layers?
supercuts, never in a million years. If you want to come out of the salon looking nice, professional is the way to go! They know what they are doing, it will cost about $10 more, but believe me its worth it!
yeah it kinda a rip off imo.

i wanted to get a trim today, and it still cost as a supercut.

i was like wtf!

why should i pay like 15, for them just to trim my hair.
Please dont do that... go to a real salon. If you pay for a $5 haircut, you'll end up paying a lot more to have the disaster fixed. Its not worth it. When it comes to hair salons, generally, you get what you pay for.

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