Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is supercuts a good place to get my hair cut?

I just want to get it short and a bit layer... similar to how Katie Holmes wears her hair now.Is supercuts a good place to get my hair cut?
The thing with Supercuts is time is money. The people cutting your hair are trained to spend the least amount of time with you as possible. Wham bam thank you mam.

A beauty collage would be better and less expensive. The trick is --- ask for an instructor. Explain to her/him what you wish the student to do.

Is supercuts a good place to get my hair cut?
Supercuts is a discount chain. I used to go there and the stylists were always different every time I went even though I was getting a cut every month. It was always a crapshoot as I didn't know if I was going to come out looking scary or looking good. Find a stylist you like and stick with her/him. Supercuts has high turnover so I would stay away from them.
it just depends on the stylist you get while your at supercuts..just because you work at a certain place doesnt make everybody in there good..cause evrybody cant do hair or cut hair just because they have a license...when you find a good stylist no matter where it is..keep going back to her...
depends on the stylist/location.

the one i go to i have to get the same stylist every time or i'm afraid i'll get a bad haircut because half are pretty good and the other stylists screw up my hair.
yeah i got my haircut there...but the only thing that i did not like is that i tolf them i want lotz of layas and i got only like 4

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